We can supply molds and parts for all kinds of household appliances, electronic digital products, auto parts, medical equipment parts, printer equipment parts and components, communication equipment parts, camera plastic accessories, computer peripherals, plastic daily necessities, all kinds of plastic toys and so on.

●We are the third-biggest manufacturer at home to own ultra large 3000T injection machine and matched large molds(moulds) manufacturing equipment.

● We specialized in mold(mould) making&plastic injection and have a skilled and experienced management team since 2001.

● Providing one-stop services that product design, Prototype making, Molds(Moulds) design, Molds(Moulds) manufacturing , Plastic injection, Painting and Silk-screen, Product assembly.

● Focusing on Two shots (materials or colors ) molds and products as well as experienced in IMDIn-Mold Decoration and IMLIn Mold Labelling) for many years.

IMDIn-Mold Decorationproduct component and part :